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Sell display ads from your web site with Quick Ad Wizard

Quick Ad Wizard is a customer self service ad building system especially for weekly papers.

Quick Ad Wizard is a web site for print advertisers to build, book and buy print display ads. They access the site by going to your main web site and selecting Place An Ad.

Quick Ad Wizard is like an extra sales rep, working 24 hours a day.

Quick Ad Wizard runs as a web based service, meaning you don't need special software, training or additional staff, just an internet connection and a web browser. One Quick Ad Wizard system can support several papers or multiple editions. It works on any web browser, on Mac or Windows computers.

The Quick Ad Wizard web site comes to you fully prepared with your paper's logo, contact information and your choice of ad sizes, prices and publishing dates already set up. It is turn-key ready.

                                    click this link >>>    Place An Ad   to try a demonstration.

Your web master connects the Quick Ad Wizard to a link on your paper's web site that says Place An Ad. Then your paper is ready to sell ads using your web site. 

Each time an ad sells, your paper's designated "ad takers" receive an email with a link telling them they have a new ad. They click the link, review the ad, and download it as a ready to print PDF. They can also print the insertion order at that point. All ads are saved online for future reference if needed. The ads are all prepaid and include an easy to read insertion order with complete contact, schedule and payment information.

Sell More, Save More

This is an all-inclusive service with a one-time set-up fee of $795 and ongoing commission of 20% for each ad sold on the system. Web-hosting, set-up and email notification are all included. Draft, practice and spec ads are free.

Encourage advertisers to use the service by advertising your new online sales service in your paper, and create a “Place an Ad” link on your web site. 

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